For course content information:   contact Marcia Pitman on 0480 127 068 

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Note: this will be the final Basic course that I will be running 

Commencement date: 5th August  2024

This course is a combination of online videos, assessments, practical assessments, case studies and two practical modules and covering a three month period. 

Practical module 1:    2nd -  5th September   (4 days)

Practical module 2:  14th - 16th  October  (3 days)

This will be an online course, using zoom for the practical modules 

The completed outline of the course will be emailed to you following registration.

Cost: $3946 inc GST

Registration: contact Marcia Pitman on  0480 127 068 or  email

Included: Theory and practical books and a protocol poster are provided as part of this course

Insurance: is available following completion of the course and its competencies

Certificates: Lifeworks Health and Bicom Australia certificates will be issued on completion of all course requirements

Note:  Determination for the commencement of this course will be made on 6th February as is dependant on registration numbers. 

Registrations are mow open.  

Upon registering, I will send you the book 'Bioresonance explained'. 

Registration requirements need to be completed by 8th July 2024

For more information, please contact Marcia Pitman 0480 127 068 or email on


Advanced training dates

To be advised 

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Bioresonance training

"“My attendance at the Bicom Method Training course with Marcia Pitman & Steve Grace proved to be an insightful learning experience that added a broader awareness and appreciation of vibrational healing at an advanced level. The course structure and thorough detail was presented in a professionally compelling format that encouraged hands-on learning. Marcia’s extensive experience and innovative approach to this modality is both inspiring and confidence building. I would have no hesitation in recommending this transformational process of discovery.” Kimballe Robyzen BHSc (Nat) Gold Coast, Queensland"
"It is with pleasure that I provide a testimonial about doing the Bicom method training with Marcia and Steve.  From the first moment I enquired until the completion of training, everything ran efficiently.  The course materials are extremely well presented and the manuals professionally done.  Practical training on the Bicom method was staggered throughout the course.  I had never even seen the device let alone used one and I found the sequence of training logical and easy to follow. Both Marcia and Steve endeavour to ensure that all students fully understand the concepts involved.  The course enabled me to introduce Bicom methods into my clinic resulting in a phenomenal growth in client base and income.  I can highly recommend Marcia’s training to anyone wishing to learn this fabulous modality. Dagmar Ganser, Yatala; BHSc ND(Adv)"
"The bicom method training offered by Marcia and Steve is first class. After being interested in this therapy for some time, I enrolled in their course. Although there is a lot to take in, Marcia and Steve ensure that it is a friendly and enjoyable experience while learning this wonderful therapy. After completing this course I felt confident and competent in being a Bicom practitioner. Andre Artmann  BHSc Acupuncture, dip Bioresonance "