Brisbane based Lifeworks health clinic our Bioresonance practitioners assist the body restore its natural balance, thereby developing an inbuilt resistance and strength. We use the bodies own frequencies to balance and renew the energy of the body.

In addition to the Bioresonance,  we assist with the release of emotional components that are held in the body, using the technique ‘emotional balancing technique’. This enables people to effectively deal with the emotional components that are causing many issues such as anxiety and relational struggles.

Trauma, stress, anxiety and PRSD can be areas that prevent us from living our lives to the fullest. Using the process of TRTP we assist the body to move on from trauma, allowing the person to be free to live an authentic life, not held back by the past. Contact us and talk with our TRTP practitioners and find out about the advantages of this amazing therapy.  This will change your life. 

For appointments at Lifeworks Health Clinic, please contact us by phone on 0480 127 068 

 (please note: clinic appointments are made via phone only)

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