Emotional Balancing Technique

26 June 2014

This technique assists the body in detecting and eradicating the negative emotional influences that sabotage life. The cumulative effect of these influences contributes to ill health.

We use understanding of the chakra system and the five elements to assist us identify the areas of emotional energetic blockages. It is in these blockages that the negative messages of life - rather than the positive ones - have been stored. Instead of having a stored message ‘it is good for me to receive compliments’, the negative message would be ‘It is not good for me to received compliments. Experiences where this person is complemented will trigger negative emotional feelings and responses instead of positive ones. Consequently, life choices and relationships dependent upon this ‘program’ will suffer. The more significant ‘life programs’ that have been stored negatively, the more the person’s life will be affected.

These emotions are then stored in the meridian and five element energy systems of the body, which activates the ‘negative program’ again when similar emotions are encountered in life. When the emotion of anger (for example) is triggered, and there is only a negative program in place, then the response is likely to an outburst of anger and rage. The same principle can be used in relation to grief, whereas the response is likely to be on going sadness and grief.

Often these programs are essential for emotional survival in the first instance, but continue to be activated long after a person needs them. People often describe these responses in terms of knowing what they are doing but unable to stop it. Phobias can be an expression of this.

Those experiences that induce a response that has been programmed negatively will lead to undesirable emotional outcomes in life. Changing ‘survival programs’ into ‘life programs’ allows people to choose their behaviors and responses to situations in life, rather than react to negative programs and messages that remind the person of painful or unsatisfying situations in life.

The Emotional Balancing technique, in the first instance addresses these negative programs and then replaces them with positive life giving programs or messages.